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Co-op Program in Engineering

“The Co-op program was a great learning opportunity, giving me the chance to work on multiple projects in various stages of development.  The mentors provided priceless advice and helped me become a valuable member of the engineering team.” – Dave, Engineering Co-op Student

The Toro Company Co-op Program in  Engineering

Our engineering Co-op Program based in our world headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota, gives you the opportunity to kick-start your career. You’ll gain hands-on experience during the final two years of your academic career by working side-by-side with experts in your field – Toro engineers who are recognized around the world for innovation and quality.

The Program

You can choose between a two or three semester program depending upon your needs and academic program. At least one work session must be during fall or spring semester.

Assignments are rotated each semester to give you exposure to different engineering departments such as testing and new product design. Participation in the intern program events will enhance your co-op experience.

Goals of the Co-op Program

  • To provide students with an understanding of the engineering role within a manufacturing company.
  • To provide students an opportunity to apply their knowledge in hands-on, practical experience.
  • To help students select a direction within the broad engineering field.

To view current opportunities or apply online, click here, then in the “Title” section, look for positions that start with “Co-op.”

Another way to learn about our co-op opportunities is by viewing our Recruiting Schedule. If we’re coming to your campus, please sign up with your career center to talk with us.

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